Cremation is becoming an increasingly common choice in the United States, having outpaced burial in 2016 and continuing to grow in popularity. In fact, cremation is projected to be the choice of 77 percent of Americans by 2035.

Why the increased interest in a practice that's been around for tens of thousands of years? It's hard to pinpoint any one explanation, but there are many reasons to choose cremation:

  • Cremation gives you flexibility that burial doesn't allow, and is less costly. Burial must occur soon after death, but cremation allows more leeway. A funeral can be held before cremation, with the body present, or it can be postponed until a time that's convenient for the family. Cremation is a less expensive option, and in addition to saving money, you can also save space. The final resting place of someone who has been cremated is much smaller than a traditional gravesite.
  • Cremation is less costly to the environment. Especially if you choose a green cremation, the environmental footprint is smaller.
  • Cremation offers a wide range of memorialization options. Some people believe their options are limited by cremation, but in fact, they're expanded.
    • Cremated remains can be interred in a traditional cemetery.
    • Glass-front niches are an option that allows for visibility of the urn and for personal mementos to be displayed.
    • Most niches are made of granite or marble for long-lasting elegance.
    • Scattering gardens are a lovely place to remember a loved one.
    • Memorialization in cremorials or landscaping elements such as boulders can be a unique option.
    • Bench estates provide a resting spot in a garden where family members and loved ones can go to rest, remember and reflect.

Whether you choose cremation or burial, Lakeside Memory Gardens can help you make your plans. We have been providing exceptional service for nearly 60 years at one of the finest cemetery properties on earth — and having built a reputation on quality, sincerity and trust, we provide services that celebrate the life of each individual and respect the wishes of every family. Learn more about how our cremation services can be tailored to fit your family by calling (352) 201-3577 or visiting our Cremation Options page.